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Dear Reader,

DNA Testing

What better way to understand how we will age, than to have insight into our DNA. Personalised health & skin care is a big talking point, worldwide. The ability to test your DNA, in order to determine what interventions are necessary to facilitate a more individualised lifestyle is now a reality.

We are to able learn from your genotype what interventions will work for YOU, YOUR skin and YOUR body and thus predict, prevent, personalise and drive your skin and health care with scientific evidence. The test is an easy swab taken from the mouth (CSI style!) and given the fact that your genes will never change - it is a once off test. It can also be done at any age; the earlier the better in our opinion, therefore allowing an individual to put in place any necessary preventative lifestyle changes.

The test results are comprehensive and a detailed report (in laymen’s terms) is sent out within a week of the swab being done. This report is analysed by ourselves and a copy given to you. You will also have access to a once off discussion with the lab technician, who tested your DNA and drew up the report. From this information, we can determine what homecare products, treatments, nutrients, diet and exercise are best suited to your body and its genes.

Pure Aesthetics is very excited to share this new and exciting offering with our clients. You have two options when selecting tests: the first to only test the skin’s DNA and the second to test the DNA to show skin, health and diet results. For more information or to book your once off test, please contact us.

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