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Dear Reader,

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Too often we see Eczema symptoms being treated, rather than getting to the root cause. Unfortunately there are many differing opinions of how Eczema develops and the treatment thereof. We do however know a few facts through ongoing Eczema research:

Eczema develops more in childhood than adulthood
There is a direct link between Eczema & Asthma and/or hay fever
Eczema is exacerbated by stress
Eczema is negatively affected by poor nutrition
Skins inflicted with Eczema have NO barrier and are therefore unable to defend themselves from the negative external influences

This last point is one that I would like to focus on, as it is something that we, as skin therapists, can alleviate and correct. However, it should be noted that Eczema is a long term / chronic condition and so needs to be managed as such. There is no quick, but long-lasting fix to this condition and reoccurrences will happen.

The go-to product during a flare up or in order to prevent a flare up is normally a topical cortisone cream. Whilst cortisone works wonders in acute cases (a flare up), use should never exceed more than 5 days. The reason for this is that it will unfortunately break down or weaken the skin over time. The skin will then become dependent on cortisone and build up sensitivity and/or reactions to other inflictions.

What we look to do is, first and foremost, reduce the inflammation or inflammatory reaction that is present in the skin and supply it with lots of TLC in the form of hydration and proteins that will assist in repairing the barrier. Once these 2 main points are targeted, the skin will be less red and itchy and will be able to cope better going forward when faced with eczema triggers.

We look to rebuild rather than just treat symptoms.

We have had great success with our Optiphi range of products, where we have even managed to rebuild the skin with our glycolic acid peels which assist in barrier repair and skin regeneration. Most importantly, clients have managed day-to-day by using a simple but very effective and targeted homecare regime.

Before and After:

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