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Dear Reader,

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IV Vitamin Infusions (vitamin drips) is a subject that we have spoken about before, but one that seems to garner a lot of interest among our clients. We often have conversations with our clients that have skin concerns about nutritional deficiencies and how they affect the body and in turn, the skin. We recently promoted our Fit Drip for our competing athlete clients and, this too, has drawn a lot of interest as to what we do and why.

What we have come to learn over time is that many of us experience waves of feeling flat, which in turn means our bodies aren’t functioning optimally. This could be due to illness, higher stress levels, lack of sleep, changes to routines and poor eating habits to name a few. In order to correct this lack of function, one would need to make some changes in terms of dealing with whatever is influencing the body in a negative way.

This can, at times be difficult to do, due to life just generally not allowing immediate change. This is where vitamin therapy in the form of IV infusion can assist. By supplementing the body’s nutrient deficiencies, one can have immediate action at replenishing and refuelling the body. This will allow for better functioning and aid in the process of getting the body back to where it should be.

We cannot rely on vitamins alone to ensure the body runs efficiently but we can make sure that this “cog in the wheel” is taken care of. Many of our lifestyles today are fast paced and so we look for quicker fixes in terms of our well-being. IV infusions is one of those quick fixes BUT with longer term benefits.

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